Loreana C. - Dangerous Love (2016)

by Loreana C.



The frist and not the last project by collaboration of Michael Nolen (Russia) and Antonio Abbate (Italy) - LOREANA C. - "Dangerous Love"

Tony Abbate is a composer, singer, arranger. He is also a member of a duo Spatial Vox specialised in Euro Disco style like Modern Talking.

Michael Nolen is a composer, song-writer and producer in a label-team M@N Records. He is well-known by working with CHITO, Nikita Fomin, The Crosslines etc. specialised in Euro and Italo Disco styles.

"For those who love the excitement and spectacle that gives the Euro-Disco, can hear this new single 2016 ... Through his notes conveys the melancholy of autumn and at the same time the loss of this DANGEROUS LOVE...Great slow and very catchy. (© Tony A.)"

"If you're waiting for a Dance-style track you'd better play the last Disco-compilation from ZYX. There is autumn-style song with its melancholy. I think it could be the best slow-song in 2016" (© M.Nolen)



One-night love
Oh have you ever meet a man above?
One-night love
Oh do you think it’s crazy or it’s tough?
Friends can say
It’s modern way of living by the way
Friends can say
That nothing else can happen for one day

Don’t be blind
This danger way can change your mind
A real love is hard to find
But it can make you feel alive

Dangerous love – a dinner in heaven
Dangerous love – is closing to seven
Dangerous love – I cannot set you free
Dangerous love – for always and for ever
Dangerous love – I never say never
Dangerous love – one night for you and me
Keep your love from the danger!

One-side love
Oh have you ever meet your second half?
One-side love
Oh do you think it’s stupid or it’s tough?
Friends can say
That you can find another on your way
Friends can say
That you can just forget it in some day

Don’t be blind
Without love there’s no delight
A real love is hard to find
But it can make you feel alive

© Michael Nolen (R. Petukhov), 19.04.2016


released September 24, 2016
Vocals - Loreana C.
Back vocals - Spatial Vox
Music & arrangement - Tony Abbate
Lyrics - Michael Nolen,
Art work - Mauro Abbate,
Recorded and Mixed by Alex Sgambati © Studio Emme61 Recording
® Produced by Michael Nolen & Tony Abbate for M@N Records, 2016



all rights reserved


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